Oxford Ramble

Speed the Plough



A Taste of Ale

Six for Gold

Knock at the Knocker, Ring at the Bell

The Robber Bird

Three Quarter Time

The 25th





Bottom of the Punchbowl

Wassail track 2

A well-known tune in England, Ireland and Scotland. The Fiddler's Companion states that it was composed by James Oswald: born Dunfermline, Scotland, c. 1711, died Knebworth, England, 1769.

The same site also gives the origin of the "punch", when use dto refer to a drink:

The word ‘punch' derives from a Hindi word, panch, meaning ‘five’, because of its five ingredients: spirits, water, lemon-juice, sugar and spices. The word was first recorded in English in 1669.


Paired with The Christmas Baby