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The Copper Family

A famous singing family from Rottingdean near Brighton in Sussex, with generations of singing behind them, some of their songs were included in the very first Journal of the Folk Song Society. Having reconnected with the folk revival in the 1950s, the family became a huge influence on the folk scene - not least because of the series of books, starting with A Song for Every Season, written by Bob Copper from the 1970s, which made songs from the family's repertoire widely accessible.

They might be important tradition bearers, but they're also incredibly good fun when you see them perform. And Bob himself, who passed away in 2004, just days after receiving an MBE, was an exeptionally nice man - warm, and generous and a fund of good stories.

For more, see https://folkopedia.info/wiki/Copper_Family

The words of all of the songs in the Copper Family website can be found at www.thecopperfamily.com

See the Folkopedia article at https://folkopedia.info/wiki/Copper_Family