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Lucy Broadwood

A member of the famous piano-making family, Lucy Broadwood was born in Scotland but spent much of her childhood on the family estate at Lyne, in Surrey. Her uncle, the Reverend John Broadwood had published a collection of Old English Songs in 1847 and Lucy inherited his love of traditional song. She became one of the leading lights of the late Victorian folk music revival and the early Folk Song Society.

Her publications include English County Songs (1893), jointly edited with J.A. Fuller Maitland, and English Traditional Songs and Carols (1908). The former book appears to be out of print, and not available online; but English Traditional Songs and Carols, having been out of print for some years was made available as a print-on-demand title in 2010 - it can be purchased from Amazon and elsewhere; and is also available to read online from the Internet Archive.

For more on Lucy Broadwood see https://folkopedia.info/wiki/Lucy_Broadwood