Oxford Ramble

Speed the Plough



A Taste of Ale

Six for Gold

Knock at the Knocker, Ring at the Bell

The Robber Bird

Three Quarter Time

The 25th



Recorded Source

A-beggin' I will go, Folktrax FTX-021, 1975. (for the Cantwells' version)

Printed Source

Tony Foxworthy, Forty Long Miles: twenty-three English folk songs from the collection of Janet Heatley Blunt, Galliard / EFDSS, 1976. (for William Walton's version)

Husbandman and Servingman

Oxford Ramble track 18

From Ray and Fred Cantwell, singing brothers from Standlake in Oxfordshire, recorded in November 1956 by Peter Kennedy. A similar version was taken down elsewhere in Oxfordshire in 1916, from William Walton of Adderbury. The song dates back at least to the seventeenth century, as it was included in the Percy Society's Loyal Garland of 1686. With a completely different tune, it is sung as part of the Mummers' play at Symondsbury in Dorset.

Ian and I knew the song from the version recorded in the early seventies by Peter Bellamy and Royston Wood of the Young Tradition. However on listening to the Cantwell's original, it was clear that the YT had barely changed the arrangement.

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Husbandman and Servantman / Banbury Bill / As I was going to Banbury
Holywell Music Room, Oxford, 3rd May 1993.