Three Quarter Time CD cover - click for full size"Three Quarter Time"

Magpie Lane MLCD09

The new Magpie Lane CD "Three Quarter Time" is due for release in May 2017.


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  1. The Dancing
  2. Push about the Jorum / The Ploughman / Salt of the Earth
  3. Belfast Mountains
  4. Sovay
  5. Cheltenham Waltz / Rout of the Blues
  6. Nobody’s Jig / Kentish Cricketers
  7. New Garden Fields
  8. Dance around the Gallows Tree
  9. Blow ye Winds
  10. The Captain and his Whiskers
  11. Lovely Elwina / Waterloo
  12. Lord Bateman
  13. One More Dance and Then / Not a Natural Dancer / Spirit of the Dance

All tracks traditional arranged Magpie Lane, except

With special guests:

Recorded and mixed 2016-17 by Jon and Colin Fletcher, at Starling Audio, Middleton Stoney, Oxfordshire.

Original artwork by Linda Fraser.