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Mat Green and Andy Turner   'The English tradition in a pure and fine form' - Vic Smith, Royal Oak Folk Club, Lewes.




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Mat Green: fiddle

Andy Turner: anglo-concertina, melodeon, vocals

Mat and Andy down and out in Oxford (photo Rob Midgeley). Click for hi-res version (4.875 Mb)

Mat and Andy, Black Diamond folk club, 2019. Photo by Phil Cross. Click for larger version (1.25Mb)

Mat and Andy in action - Lewes Folk Club"However good they might have been at the Chichester gig, nothing - not even 'Hit Me Baby' - could surpass the vision of Mat Green doing a Morris jig complete with really high slows along the whole length of the upstairs room of the Horseshoe in Islington tonight while fiddling 'Princess Royal'. It takes two magpies to bring joy and Andy Turner - that truly wonderful box player and singer - was there too, doing just that. If you can't get all 6 magpies together, see these two and be amazed... Islington FC hasn't seen a better night since - oh at least 18 months ago when the 2Js were last there".

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