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The Oxford NAGS
Mat Green and Andy Turner
Christminster Singers
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Andy Turner

Love, death and the cossack
Audinary Music (1990) AUD001
with Chris Wood (fiddle and guitar), Alan Lamb (cello and viola d'amore), Carol Turner ("spine-tingling" vocals).

originally cassette only; now available as high quality digital download from

Magpie Lane

The Oxford Ramble
Beautiful Jo Records (1993) CD BEJO-3

Speed the Plough
Beautiful Jo Records (1994) BEJOCD-4

Beautiful Jo Records (1995) BEJOCD-8

Beautiful Jo Records (1998) BEJOCD-22

A Taste of Ale
Beautiful Jo Records (2000) BEJOCD-32

Six for Gold
Beautiful Jo Records (2002) BEJOCD-42

Knock at the Knocker, Ring at the Bell
Beautiful Jo Records (2006) BEJOCD-52

The Robber Bird
Magpie Lane (2011) MLCD08

Three Quarter Time
Magpie Lane (2017) MLCD09

The 25th
Magpie Lane (2018) MLCD10

Some of these are available only for download - see the Magpie Lane website for details and to place your order.

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Mat Green & Andy Turner

Hampshire Dance Tunes
Wildgoose Records (2006) WGS325CD

Mat and Andy have contributed tracks to a CD on the Wildgoose label, released Autumn 2006. The CD features dance tunes from a single nineteenth century musician, Richard Pyle, played by - among others - Tim Laycock, Roger Watson and the Bursleden Village Band.

for more information, and to purchase the album, see

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Ock Records (1992) OCK002

Art Gecko
Ock Records (1995) OCK003GTi

The Red Horse
Ock Records (1999) OCK060

All three Geckoes albums, including the highly sought-after cassette-only release Geckoblaster, are available to listen to and purchase from

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Stepping Up
Topic (2004) TSCD752
Various artists - a history of the new wave of English Country Dance Music compiled by Ian Anderson, editor of fRoots magazine. Includes one Geckoes track: "Old John Peel / Tom Cave's".

Available from all good record shops, or from


Christminster Singers

The Christminster Singers
Serpent Press (1993) SER002
cassette only - no longer available

William Knapp: West Gallery Anthems and Psalms
The Christminster Singers (1996) XMS 001

Let the echo fly
The Christminster Singers (2002) XMS 002

Other recordings featuring Andy Turner

The Mellstock Band

Under the Greenwood Tree
SayDisc (1986) CD-SDL 360
traditional dance tunes and carols, with a choir which includes several past and present members of the Christminster Singers.

Songs of Thomas Hardy's Wessex
SayDisc (1995) CD-SDL 410
The Mellstock Band with singers Andy Turner, Ian Giles, Sally Dexter and the incomparable Julie Murphy.

The two Saydisc CDs are unfortunately no longer available - even I only have one vinyl copy of Under the Greenwood Tree!

Tenants of the Earth
Wildgoose Studios (1996) WGS 281 CD
again featuring several Christminster Singers, including Carol and Andy Turner.

Various Artists
including John Kirkpatrick, Noel Hill, Will Duke, Jody Kruskal, Scan Tester and many, many more...

Roots Records (2005)
3 CD set

Various Artists
including Pete Castle, Bing Lyle, Ron Spicer, the Millen Family, Bob Kenward and Andy Turner

The Keys of Canterbury
Steel Carpet (1994) MATS 0010

Apples, Cherries, Hops and Women
Steel Carpet (1998) MATS 019

Oyster girls & hovelling boys
Steel Carpet (2008) MATS 019

available from Pete Castle


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