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Mat Green and Andy Turner
Christminster Singers
"Good songs and tunes... have been given the kiss of life by Andy Turner and are here beautifully sung or played with infectious drive and rhythm. I loved it."
Dave Arthur, English Dance and Song - review of solo cassette 'Love, death and the cossack'
Andy Turner with concertina

Andy has been singing traditional songs for over 40 years, and playing the anglo-concertina for very nearly as long.

In the early 1980's he was an occasional member of the (drummerless) Oyster Band - mainly playing for dances, but also joining the band for concert dates in the UK and Japan.

At the same time Andy forged a musical partnership with fiddler and guitarist Chris Wood, with appearances at festivals including Sidmouth, Fylde and the National at Sutton Bonington.

Andy and Chris stopped performing as a duo when Andy moved from Kent to Oxfordshire, but they continued to form one half of the dance band Polkabilly. Although limited in the amount of work that they could accept, because of their geographical dispersal, and other musical commitments, performances at Whitby, Bracknell and the major dance clubs won Polkabilly respect both from dancers and fellow musicians.

Andy is currently a member of various dance bands:

Geckoes, described by Folk Roots as "brand leaders", and veterans of many festivals and dance club bookings - Towersey, Whitby, Sidmouth and Haddenham, to name but a few.

"The chief characteristics of this cassette are its infectious jollity and dazzling musicianship with a delightful cheekiness of musicians in complete control"
Geoff & Fran Doel, Folk in Kent - review of Geckoes cassette 'Geckoblaster'

Chameleons, a smaller, more flexible off-shoot of Geckoes.

The Oxford NAGS
, a more recent venture, featuring members of PolkaWorks and The Bismarcks.



Dance band work has not stopped Andy singing however. He was a founder member of West Gallery choir the Christminster Singers, directed by Dave Townsend, and has sung as a guest on three CDs by the Mellstock Band.

He is also a key member of Oxford-based concert band Magpie Lane. Originally formed as a studio band to record an album of songs and tunes from Oxfordshire, further recording work has since gone hand-in-hand with live performance. The band has performed at festivals including Sidmouth, Towersey, Fylde and Chippenham, and for over 20 years have put on hugely successful seasonal concerts at the Holywell Music Rooms in Oxford.


Andy also performs at festivals and folk clubs as a duo with Magpie Lane fiddler Mat Green.

"Some perfect playing and the voices are just as good as good can be"
John Sims, Folk on Tap - review of Magpie Lane CD 'The Oxford Ramble'

"this Oxfordshire sextet represents the very best in the English country dance and song tradition… an accomplished and joyous album that’s the finest in its genre in many a moon."
Sing Out - review of Magpie Lane CD 'Six for Gold'


Andy's solo performances concentrate on English songs and tunes from traditional sources, but also include self-penned dance tunes, and the occasional item by writers such as Billy Bragg, Bing Lyle, Elvis Costello and even George Formby!

"the anglo concertina playing throughout is fabulous - an object-lesson both in song accompaniment, and in leading dance tunes."
Barry Callaghan, English Dance & Song - review of Magpie Lane CD 'Six for Gold'



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